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Wenn man lang genug wartet
Shimon hat doch noch geantwortet. Macht mich zwar auch nicht schlauer, aber immerhin ne Aussage.
E-Mail Shimo-Support:
"Unfortunately it’s no longer possible to provide PPTP and L2TP support on macOS Catalina due to Apples security restrictions. Besides that Shimo 4 should be still functional, but you maybe need to reinstall the helper tool from the settings again and check in the security settings if Shimo has access to your Mac.
We also just launched a new version, Shimo 5, which can be downloaded as a trial from our website shimovpn.com. This version has been tweaked for macOS Catalina and has some security updates and newer VPN libraries. Please be aware that Shimo 5 also doesn’t support PPTP or L2TP."
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